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Altmannshäuser Musikanten


The brass ensemble "Altmannshaeuser Musikanten" enjoys a very long tradition in fine German brass music of its own characteristic style. We play music for indoor and open air festivals, concerts, entertainment events, heritage festivals as well as marching brass festivals. Our repertoire concentrates on typical traditional German brass band music, like the popular Bohemian brass music as well as Alpine Style music, folk music and entertainment music to dance, or just to listen, relax and enjoy.



band history


The ensemble "Altmannshaeuser Musikanten" was founded in Altmannshausen, a village in south Germany. The formation was brought to life by Hans Beringer, band leader and trumpet player of the "Altmannshausen brass orchestra" in the early eighties. It was the time with more demand for a "small brass ensemble" playing without sheet music, able to improvise and react more quick and flexible and moving around, for music at smaller festivals and familiar events, where his complete "Altmannshausen brass orchestra" would have been too large for. So Hans Beringer picked out some musicians of his "Altmannshausen brass orchestra" and installed his so called "small ensemble". Musical friends were asked sometimes to help out when needed. Hans Beringers "small ensemble" established right in the early beginning years, became more and more popular by time and had to play frequently at events and festivals year by year. When Hans Beringer stopped conducting the "Altmannshausen brass orchestra", he still went on playing with his "small ensemble". From this time on he introduced a seperate name for his "small ensemble" and called it the "Altmannshaeuser Musikanten". This was a necessary step to differ the "Altmannshausen brass orchestra" from the "Altmannshaeuser Musikanten", he kept on playing with and of course for people to know which is which. The "Altmannshaeuser Musikanten" were lead by Hans Beringer until 2007, he hand it over to Edgar Nitsche in 2008. Edgar quit the band in 2019.


Today the seven person "Altmannshaeuser Musikanten" brass ensemble stands for musical experience, competence, tradition and activities in brass, folk and entertainment music interpretations of its very own, remarkable and characteristic sound.



   "Altmannshäuser Musikanten" - Wir machen Blasmusik !